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St. Mary Magdalene church


The Parish Church of St. Mary Magdalene church in Whalton dates from the 13th. Century, having been developed from a previous Norman building.

Available in the church, for a small donation, a clear and detailed guide by Dr. Geoffrey Briggs is available, giving full details of the history and architecture of the building.

Whalton Church welcomes visitors, many of whom come to see “The Whalton Christ” – a unique combination of photographs of Whalton Community taken for the millenium which make up the head of Christ, courtesy of local artist Ian Johnson.

St. Mary Magdalene
St Mary Magdalene is one of five churches in the Benefice. The others being St. Andrew’s, Bolam; St. Giles, Netherwitton; St. Andrew’s, Hartburn and St. John the Evangelist, Meldon. All five are in use regularly, are extremely picturesque and are of significant historic interest.
Whalton Church is still an active village church with regular children’s services, Messy Church, Pet Services, Harvest, Easter, Christmas, Carol Communion and joint Benefice Services. There are also weddings, Baptisms and funerals. This year it has hosted the Women’s World Day of Prayer service for local Anglican, Catholic and Methodist Churches. The church has very close links with the local Church of England school. Inside the church are guides to Whalton village designed by local school children

Service Times
1st and 3rd Sundays of the month-HOLY COMMUNION
Details of further services in the Benefice can be found on the notice board inside the church porch.
Contact details:
Tel: 01670 775540
Email: sheila.lough1@gmail.com
Minister & Contacts:

The Rural Dean

Rev. John Park on 01670 510793 .


Rev. Fiona Sample
Contact details: South Middeton, Morpeth.NE61 4EB
Tel: 01670 774245
Email: f.sample@btinternet.com

Reader : Mrs Pam Walker
Organist:  Mr. George Robson
Hon. Sec.: (Position vacant)
Hon Treasurer: Mr James Rainbow
Parish Magazine

The Benefice News is the church magazine which covers St. Mary Magdalene in Whalton and the other four churches in the Benefice.
Editor: Mrs. Jan Bryce email michael@michaelbryce.wanadoo.co.uk
If you would like to receive a copy of the newsletter please contact:
Distributor: Mrs Pooh Stafford email:poohstafford@btinternet.com

Costs of mag are : £5 – hand delivered     £8 -postal copy  £3- electronic copy

Articles for inclusion in the newsletter should be sent to the editor by the second Monday of each month.

A sample copy is available for June 2012 is available by clicking on this link.


Whalton Christ

As part of the Millenium celebrations in the year 2000 every household in the village of Whalton was given a disposable camera so that each family could record images of what Whalton meant to them. The results were exhibited in the village hall. A set of these prints were then used by Ian Johnson of Broomhill, Whalton to produce this montage of Christ.

The original consists of over 2850 individual pieces and is currently on display in the church.

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