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History of Whalton


Click on this link for a brief history of Whalton 


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  1. Hazel Race nee Clark says:

    I love this website. I love Whalton village. I lived here as a child and can remember most of the residents who lived there at the time. I am now 56years of age. Whalton was and still is such a magical place for me with some wonderful memories of country walks, picnics by the stream, picking wild strawberries, scrumping in the orchards, making dens in the fields and I was a member of The British Red Cross Society which held meetings at the school. I reluctantly left Whalton at 10yrs of age when my family moved to a different area.

  2. Michelle says:

    I loved reading the History of Whalton, my Great, Great Grandfather was Joseph Brown, School Headmaster. This has given me more information on my Families History, Thank you for taking the time to put this information on the website.

  3. Dinah Smith says:

    With much input from the History Society, I wrote this village history in 1996. It’s badly typed and with many typos. Apologies! I left this one copy with the Boyles who bought my house when I moved in 2000. I’m so glad that it has been put online and I can read it again. Very interesting to learn that Michelle is a great great granddaughter of Joseph Brown. Best wishes to all Waltonians.


  4. Cathy Bridges says:

    I was very pleased to find this website as I have just found I have ancestors from this village. I wonder if anyone has any knowledge of the Storey, Godfrey or Aynsley families or
    Ogle South Farm, Whalton, Northumberland. Any information would be appreciated.

  5. naomi fudge says:

    I am researching my fathers family history and find that in the 17 and18 hundreds they lived in whalton, the family name is Towns , i wondered if you have a history group in the village that can give me any imformation.

  6. Paul Vardy says:

    How interesting to see my ancestor- Doctor Robert Vardy(under Plagues &Pestilences :a medical history)- who was the village Doctor 1815-1869.
    Have visited his grave- to the north of the church tower.
    His son , also Robert Vardy- was also a Doctor, in Rothbury- where you can find his grave. My daughter Emma recently lived in The Terrace – who was a Consultant/Doctor at The Freeman & RVI hospitals- recently moved to Manchester Royal Salford hospital- Head of Geriatrics.
    My father Edward Cyril Vardy was also a Doctor- in the Medical Colonial Service- being captured by the Japanese at the fall of Singapore, then Principal Medical Officer Jahore just after the War. His brother Robert was a GP at Marine Avenue, Whitley Bay. Their half brother Sir John Hunter was Lieutenant Governor Malta in 1939
    Funny how the medical line continues!

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