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Local Services

Plumber/Aga Service James Nicholson 07711297139 Jeff Wales 01670 775206
Electrician W.S. Arrowsmith 01661822266
G.P. Dr John O’Neill 01670 519519
Optician Paul Boyle 01670  518612
Veterinary Surgeon David Strachan 01661 860478
Advanced School Motoring Local Driving Lessons 77556
Fencing Stephen  Hodgson 01661 881073
Septic Tank Empty Richard  Grix 07701005678
Tree Surgeon Chris Gill 0800 111 4602
Agricultural Haulage F Law 775287
Hay Stephen Trobe 775263
Window Cleaner  Gary McCabe   07979593701
Logs  Stephen Trobe 775263
Stone Mason   Simon Egdell 01665 603751
Beresford Arms O1670   775273
Clothing / Fashion Get Smart
Bulk Oil Buying Group  Bolamoilgroup@outlook.com
The mobile Library is in Whalton on alternate Fridays, starting on the 20th. June. The library visits the school from 9.45 to 10.20 am and the village hall from 10.30 to 11.20 am.
Fish & Chip van
The Fish and Chip van arrives at 7.15 pm every Thursday and parks opposite Bank Cottages for approximately 45 minutes.
Post Office
The Post Office is open Thursdays  9.15 a.m to 11.15 a.m.
Newspapers can be collected from the box outside the village hall by arrangement with Belsay Post Office.Tel. 01661 881207

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Local Walks:

Follow the link below or click on the logo for a comprehensive guide

Shepherds Walks,
incorporating Capricorn Mohair Socks
2 The Stone Barn
Kirkharle Courtyard
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE19 2PE
Tel: 01830 540453
Fax: 0870 1398967
E-mail: info@shepherdswalks.co.uk
Shepherds Walks: www.shepherdswalks.co.uk
Walking Holidays: www.shepherdswalksholidays.com
Capricorn Socks: www.capricornsocks.co.uk

Walking in Northumberland: www.walkinginnorthumberland.co.uk

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